Meeting Room

If you need to discuss some issues, settle questions or conduct negotiations with your business partners peacefully and comfortably, you are welcome to use a small hall located inside Vele Rosse Hotel complex allowing you to conduct a round-table discussions in a quiet businesslike atmosphere. Eighteen people can take seats at one table.

A stylish noble interior, comfortable chairs, spacious loggia, well-functioning ventilation and air-conditioning systems, good lighting and   advanced technology (plasma TV, at customer’s request the hall can be equipped with a projector and a screen) – all that will contribute to conducting negotiations or meeting in the most comfortable atmosphere.

Minimum order is 3 hours.

Booking a hall for 4 hours, the cost is 1200 UAH.

Booking a hall for 8 hours, the cost is 2200 UAH. 

The price  includes a TV. 

Please make reservation by phones: +38(048) 777-03-03; +38 (097)500-00-50. 

Seating plan
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